Sunday, June 15, 2014

So I suppose I had better get back to it.  This year so far has been one of ups and downs, the ups including my youngest's wedding and my eldest daughter finally getting some published, paid work. The downs were the loss of my mother to cancer, a month short of her 85th birthday.
As a result I have spent a good portion of the year in India on my own, with a few trips back home as and when needed. I am looking forward to going back for a holiday, and to meet up with friends and family, for a whole month, well almost.
While I have been here on my own though painting of wargames stuff has proceeded at nearly industrial proportions. This has been possible because of the discovery of an excellent art shop in the next enclave that does a neat line in spray paints, allowing a proper primer to be put on 28mm vehicles, especially those dodgy bits under the tracks where the brush just does not seem to want to go to.
Inroads have also been made into the 1815 project, formerly known as the Waterloo project, but in an attack of reality, much downscaled.  I will never paint them all in time so....
I am also most impressed with the new Warlord Plastics, in particular the Waterloo British. The first company drew its fatigues  today. They look neat and trim and business like. I was not sure when I first saw the pictures of them, they seemed a little malformed with great ham-like fists and Frankenstein boots. Fortunately this was just a trick of the camera. All are in march attack but not in step, but there is a pleasant feeling of movement to the unit. I really must get  some piccies up.

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