Sunday, August 20, 2017

General D'Armee game of Sawmill Village

So I am much taken with these rules as a set for use with my Peninsular collection of 15 and 18mm Napoleonic figures. This collection is small, in that it was originally painted up for use with Principles of War rules. In 15mm terms this means that every unit is a brigade or regiment represented on the table by 9 infantry on three bases each of 3 figures, and cavalry are 6 figures strong.  The concept is to be able to fight Corps level battles on a 6 foot by 4 foot table. Over the years PoW have and do provide an excellent game but the rules can be slow and one is committed to a whole day or a long evening to complete a game.
I have often wanted to have some other rules for the figures, and while in Nigeria and India had used them with Black Powder very successfully.
Last week a friend stopped over to visit Waterloo and we managed to get in a game of Sharp Practice 2 and a game GDA. Bingo! The clog dropped.
This weekend my good lady has taken herself off to a Yoga Festival in Ghent. The mice played.
Using the scenario based on a the Sawmill Village fight I set up a table to test GDA for and encounter battle based on an approach march up the length of the table and a tussle for the centrally placed town. I had intended it to be a village but it turned out to have 5 Built Up Areas, not the one or 2 that I had intended.
The approach marches looked excellent, and cavalry, in the shape of French dragoons quickly came into action again st some British Dragoons.


There was a lot of bouncing off and retirement. The French occupied the town due to some dilatory ADCs who delayed things on the allied side and so the lights found themselves attacking a built up area full of Frenchmen. They had to hope their cavalry held up as Vistula Lancers rode boldly toward them. 2 French batteries came into action too. At this point we realised that under the rules there was no way the French could advance from the village. They would have to around it and that meant winning cavalry superiority. And since we were approaching time we ended the game. And proceeded to work out some what ifs for the future. Hugely enjoyed the game and the rules. Now to find a way to load the pictures.
PS. Cracked it. Cannot do it from the Ipad, but the PC works just fine.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the game, a great set up your have there.