Saturday, February 17, 2018

Warcon 2018

Very much enjoyed a run out to Merelbeke near Ghent for a small show to kick off the Warpgaming year. Went with the Forlorn Hope, our usual group of Brussels players and met up with many old friends for chats over the odd beer. After all we are in Belgium.

Schild and Vriend put up a good show with their Great Northern War collection. Along with the War of 1812 the GNW is one that I cannot get exercised about. It is just me. I cannot help but admire the excellent figures though.

There was also an excellent game of Agincourt put on by the Marie Louises de Flandres,


I did not catch the name of the the club but I rather liked the chariot race in 54mm

And was impressed by the Starwars Armada game below. I am still addicted to X-wing.

inspiration came in the shape of the Carlist war game below, again I could not work out the players.

 I also very much enjoyed the WW2 layout below. Simple scenery options that were very well put together.


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